Frequently Asked Questions

Are DassFlow and SMASH freewares open-source?

Yes, they are freely distributed under GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
If you use or adapt one of these codes, please cite:
See How to Cite and References .

Is it free for commercial use?

No. Commercial use is allowed with an agreement in due form only.

How to cite the use of the code?

You can find up-to-date bibtex code for each code in How to Cite .

How to obtain any source code ?

Please consult the Download page for DassFlow and HiVDI.
HiVDI is yet to be released. Once it is, one will be able to request the source code with a simple form.

Which OS is required ?

Our codes are distributed with a Makefile that should work on most Linux systems.
For more information about the prerequisites, refer to the Documentations .

What free pre and post-processor softwares can be used ?

  • Mesh generators: Gmsh, Telemac mesh generator and others like Elmer library mesh generator, Emc2 (Inria).
  • Visualizers: Pyvista, vtk format (eg Paraview) and Tecplot format.